Reply To: Topics: Start-up product, pricing products / margins, getting into retail or selling online.Hi everyone,We’re working on a pet food treat product, and would love to see if there is a mentor here with knowledge on pricing and pitching to retail. We have just had a big packaging fail with our packaging falling apart, and are looking at a new bag option. While looking at the new bag option, I’ve had to relook over our pricing spreadsheet and the entire range (online and in retail) and would like a fresh pair of eyes to give me confidence after this unfortunate bag-splitting experience. We’re start-up and taking a product into a market gap, and doing so sustainably. If anyone is experienced in this area, we would appreciate your opinion.Thank you,Rebecca


Hi Rebecca

Sounds like an exciting venture! Unfortunate about your initial packaging, but I’m sure it will lead to an even better packaging solution.

I’d be more than happy to sit down with you on the pricing/retail pitching side. (email below if you want to connect).