Reply To: Hello,How do I know when is the best time to open a brick and mortar store?My wife and I currently run a small custom clothing and gifts printing business we do most of our sales online through Facebook and our website but our local community (Kawerau) does not really know we exist.  We currently run everything from our home so we do not want random people just walking up so we have not dome much advertising that we exist locally in the local area – we are thinking it is a missed opportunity not having locals know we exist and think opening a shop/ store front will help with that problem.Do we just take the plunge and try it out – or are there some indicators that we can look at and gauge if it is the correct move or not?


Totally support Vicky’s advice above. I also thought – if your local community don’t know you exist, and they are Facebook users, then there must also be a lot of untapped opportunity online because Facebook doesn’t “blockout” your local market. Have you considered Instagram and influencers as a channel?

I have realised that marketing through Social media is powerful but also complicated, so investment in social media marketing training might also be worthwhile to be sure you have maximised the platform you already have.

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