Reply To: Out of the box B2B marketing


Hi Kylie,

In terms of your target market (and how to reach them), I would take a look at the customers you’ve had through the experience so far – what was the job title of the people who you interfaced with the most (you can always look them up on LinkedIn if you don’t know). You may then want to reach out to those people and ask them for 30 mins of their time as a follow up to their experience, and ask them questions such as:
– what about the Bush Boardroom appealed to them the most? (Why did they try the expereince)
– where do they usually find information on experiences for their teams?
– how did they find out about Bush Boardroom?
– would they recommend the Bush Boardroom experience to others? (if the answer to this is YES, consider sending them a pre-made FB or IG or LinkedIN post, and ask them to share to their networks)
– who are their Thought Leaders?
– which online website / blogs do they read frequently?
– which industry magazines/conferences/trade shows do they read or attend?
– how frequently would they consider an experience like this?
– what are THREE companies they could (warm) introduce you to that would likely enjoy the experience (or if you don’t feel comfortable asking for an introduction, perhaps ask them for a list of companies and a contact name at each). Then call and reference the person who suggested that you reach out, letting the company know they had a Bush Boardroom experience recently.

If you can interview 5-10 of your existing customers, then you can use this information to build your customer persona, and identify where they are most likely find information, as well as what makes Bush Boardroom stand out. Focus your marketing $ and sales efforts in those places. Remember word of mouth is incredibly powerful so don’t be afraid of asking for referrals (or even offering an incentive to the referrer/referee).

I hope that helps!