Reply To:  Hey guys, my name is Ollie. Myself and a partner are starting a Cold Brew Coffee company. We are unique in the sense that we use all organic ingredients and are slightly flavoured to make for an easy to drink beverage on the go, or before that big meeting. My question is in regards to investors, is it worth while getting a business loan from the bank, or finding an investor to pump some money into it, or what we are doing at the moment which is just paying the bills “as we go” kinda thing. Any info is greatly appreciated. Ollie


Awesome Jade, super helpful information there. I am definitely more leaning towards approaching (hopefully) potential investors. As I feel like we are holding ourselves back with the current situation which is the pay as you go method.

We have a mission statement/business plan written out as well as a estimated budget in mind of up front costs as well as on going. So just need to find the right approach.

Thanks again for the help, means a lot