Reply To: Hey guys, my name is Ollie. Myself and a partner are starting up a Cold Brew Coffee company called Innerbloom. We are unique in the sense that we are organically brewed and flavoured to make for an awesome pre workout energy kick or just as an easy option to pick up and go. My question is relating to investors, is it worth getting either a business loan from a bank, or finding an investor, or just using what money you have to tick over the company as it gets going. Any info is greatly appreciated. Ollie


Hi Ollie. I could help with a sounding board and also can send you some good readings – how about a chat next Monday? Will send readings on Friday pm. Definitely a question to get clarity on – because once you raise everything changes. For now, best thing you can do is engage and serve your customers and get them to share the love they have of Innerbloom. Andy

Ps how do I buy it?

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