Reply To: Hey guys, my name is Ollie. Myself and a partner are starting up a Cold Brew Coffee company called Innerbloom. We are unique in the sense that we are organically brewed and flavoured to make for an awesome pre workout energy kick or just as an easy option to pick up and go. My question is relating to investors, is it worth getting either a business loan from a bank, or finding an investor, or just using what money you have to tick over the company as it gets going. Any info is greatly appreciated. Ollie


Apologies I did not get these readings to you Friday, enjoying the school holidays so much! 

A few readings: a lot actually, but dip in and out as it works for you and resonates. 

Should you raise capital: 

Thinking about your startup: 

If you do want to raise capital, how to optimise for it: 

For me – ‘the key question to answer is’ – how do I build a sustainable and successful business with users (customers) that love the product and tell other people about it – to the point that you get into product market fit, which is a line of people who want your product and you can’t get up with demand. This is the ‘grael’ for the start of a business. It is not getting into New World or Countdown – too early, it is finding your niche, finding your spot in the market where you have raving raving fans of your product who just want more of it, and you can work out how you go from there. All investment will be is ‘resources’ to help you find your product market fit – and these resources can be distracting or take your eye off the most important element – finding your niche. Everything changes the day you take investment – so I would challenge you to say, if I did not have investment, what would I do, what could I do to get one step closer to my users and my market?