Reply To: Two part question. The first : My partner flys for a certain airline. If she happens to catch Covid 19 while working and is unable to perform her duties, is her loss of income covered by the airline through ACC etc?? 2nd Part : If the same scenario happens & she contracts Covid 19 while working and is then made redundant due to the downturn in the industry, what legal cover does she have in this instance? Thank you.

Hi there that’s a great question – The ACC website has some specific information relating to Covid:

For individuals, they say “You need to have an injury that resulted from an accident to receive support from ACC. We don’t cover things like illness.” “However, in some cases, cover for the COVID-19 virus may be available if a person who is diagnosed with it meets the criteria for a work-related gradual process, disease or infection under section 30 of the ACC Act 2001. Please speak to your healthcare professional for guidance.”
For more detail, try this link: https://www.acc.co.nz/covid-19/clients