Reply To: Anyone else struggling with the rules around e-commerce and keeping online sales going? And if we really can’t ship to NZ consumers, why can’t we at least ship to Australian ones? Are orders from offshore online retailers still getting through to consumers, and is that okay when local online retailers are unable to operate, even if they can fulfil the rules around keeping people in their bubble, and in their local area?

Hey Debra, I got some more information here from a contact in the industry of freight, logistics: “My initial reaction is that is not likely to be delivered. Whether it is shipped from country of origin is debatable. Air freight tonnage currently scarce inbound and set for essentials. Export freight being encouraged by the Govt for important earnings. Again airfreight space scarce and expensive. Charters are developing to get export away. I think if e-commerce exporters particularly food based will get opportunity. Particularly into Asia where markets are back up and running.”