Reply To: Hey there! We are retail / fashion. We are essentials (nappies) but have had major supply chain issues since January (Chinas lock down) , now (getting things into NZ) and in the future (No international carriers are showing up to put shipments on. This has really caused issues with growth due to limited sales and constantly being sold out. We would like some direction on investment, planning, funding and to mitigate (as much as possible) the stunted growth. Loss of sales is expected but for our enthusiasm we would love to keep up momentum as much as possible. Cheers guys. TUTI

Following on from the excellent advice from John Olsen, I would also recommend

• Many NZ manufacturers will have increasingly spare capacity and looking for local opportunities to keep their businesses running. New Zealander’s are by nature very adaptable, so whist these manufacturers may not have been open to producing an eco-nappy previously, some may now be.
• This will also have the added benefit that you will secure up your supply chain, as it will be locally based.

• If you cannot supply products to your customers, then I would strongly urge you to put your customers first and recommend some of your competitor’s products as alternative options.
• People understand that these are not normal times and that things are out of your control.
• If you give your customers alternative options, your customers will greatly appreciate and value that you have solved their problem.
• So why you didn’t have the opportunity to generate revenue, you will have generated something of great value – goodwill.
• And ultimately your customers will love you and your brand that little bit more as a result; with some sharing with their friends, family and coffee group about the great service they received from you.

• This may be an opportunity to look at producing an eco-nappy with all ‘NZ sourced natural fibres and materials’.
• Whilst this will not solve your immediate problem, it would set you up with a unique and high-value product that would command premium pricing, especially to upper-socio consumers in offshore markets such as in China and California (when these markets get back to some normality).
• Lewis Road Creamery is an excellent example of this, where their butter from ‘grass fed New Zealand cows’ commands a significant premium price at Whole Foods stores in the USA.