Reply To: Kia Ora!My family have owned their own transport company for 30+ years mainly driving trucks including delivery freight around the country, delivery chilled food and driving rubbish trucks. A few years ago we decided to branch out and take on another buisness installing screw piles for residential homes. Ever since taking it on we have been struggling to get it off the ground. We don’t have much experience in the building industry however I do believe in the product and know for a fact it works. We have a branch in Australia that is thriving and we have the support there as well. I’m looking for advice on how to grow this buisness with little experience in the building industry? Also ideas on how to generate more customers and how to get more stable work moving forward? We have the potential to be huge and I know we can give back to the community and provide jobs for our people. Any advice will be very much appreciated. There is more to the story and other things to factor in but I’m more than happy to talk about everything.Ngā Mihi,DanaKFoubdations

Hi there,
I guess there are a few foundation questions:
-Do you have a board or advisory group for the piles business? Industry plays work well when you have people who know the industry well and have the contacts that can gain you access into supporting larger developers. NZ is about to spend a considerable amount of money on infrastructure and there must be an area of opportunity in there for you
-What data is available to you in terms of where screw piles are being used over conventional foundation methods (location, build type, soil types etc)? It feels like there will be greater demand as we become more congested in terms of space and the types of land that are available to be built on
-Education. Have you asked the influencers of the developments what levels of understanding are out there in terms of screw piles? Are there any knowledge barriers?
– Maintenance programs. As NZ is very much the shaky isles, what programs do you have in place to asses / remediate existing work? If you can demonstrate an ability to stabilise as opposed to rip and replace.
Happy to discuss more with further information as you need