Reply To: Talofa Team,I hope you are all doing well. I listened to a live that was done by Pat and Jordan this morning and realized I am need of some help during this time for my business. I run a project where I facilitate workshops and do talks around social media addiction/well being. I have done work in schools, AUT, DHB and other community groups that need my programme.I have had 4 gigs cancel during this lock down period and I am wondering what the future of this will look like for me. I have an idea but I do need help putting together a strategy on what post C-19 will look like and understanding the landscape of the corporate world that I was planning on breaking into Q2 of this year. Any help would be apprecaited. This question could also be for ‘Digital and Technology’ but I have decided to put it under business growth. Thank you.

Hi there,
You offer an incredible social good which will no doubt be in huge demand as we unplug from our C19 isolation.
I know through staff at tertiary providers about the levels of isolation, depression and addiction of digital and there is certainly a need for this type of service.
IMO the funding for your type of service will come from central government entities for the next 6 months. I guess the question is how well do you understand the process for this funding?
With regards to corporate initiatives. How much market validation / testing have you done? Do you understand who you are focused on (roles and locations?) and what are their trigger points to buy / use? Enterprise organisations have a level of focus on corporate wellness however this will be relative to their budget areas post C19.
If you want to post questions as a part of the feed I am sure you could drum up some initial responses.