Reply To: Im a registered nurse thats fallen in love with barbering. So i started a side gig and named it Stallion barbers. I dont have an actual barber joint with the reason being there are already a lot of barber shops around so i thought id do home visits where i go direct to where my clients are at that time and cut their hair there… could be at home… or in the office. The problem i face right now is growing my  clientele, im using social media to get what i do out there but it seems like its not enough and just feel no one is taking me serious… what do i do? How do i get my work out there to increase customer numbers.

Hi, in this gig economy there are some interesting things happening. The best one I’ve seen is the idea of setting up a partnership with local bars or clubs (even RSA’s). Some of the up and coming barbers set up a chair and patrons can get a haircut while they are having a beer with their mates! You pay the bar/club owner a fixed amount for being on premise or a % of takings. It’s a great customer experience and has the advantage that you have virtually no overhead costs and you are visiting the customer in their habitat!