Reply To: Im a registered nurse thats fallen in love with barbering. So i started a side gig and named it Stallion barbers. I dont have an actual barber joint with the reason being there are already a lot of barber shops around so i thought id do home visits where i go direct to where my clients are at that time and cut their hair there… could be at home… or in the office. The problem i face right now is growing my  clientele, im using social media to get what i do out there but it seems like its not enough and just feel no one is taking me serious… what do i do? How do i get my work out there to increase customer numbers.

Love your idea! Sounds like a lot of fun. In addition to all the great ideas above, perhaps a fun way to generate interest and build your community on social media is to get people to post pictures of their hair cuts in isolation. I’ve seen a few funny posts of guys having their wives, family, children cut their hair, and showing off the photos. You can run a competition for best cut, funniest cut, etc. And you could consider giving a prize away of a free cut by you after isolation to sort out the home cut situations. Could be a light hearted way of building empathy and building your database at the same time. Good luck!