Reply To: Kia Ora whanau,Appreciate this platform and all of the love here. I own a sandwich deli/’house’ which prior to covid I was looking to scale into a multi site business, having just committed to a lease in AKl cbd for location number 2, I’m lucky in that the property owner is an absolute legend and had no expectations around seeing that through immediately. I guess provided the lockdown doesnt remain for too long, im in an OK position. I’ve built a model that’s really sound financially whilst keeping its authenticity, in a saturated market I think weve positioned ourselves nicely to provide a service thats needed and that wont change. (sorry that sounded like some lame elevator pitch haha)  I think despite the hard times, im super aware of the opportunites that arise in a crisis, and really want to leverage all i can. I guess im hoping to spitball with someone about ideas, a mentor of sorts if anyone had any interest in what my plans where for the immediate. Lots of love to all, Huri

Kia ora – I’ve set up soscafe.nz to help with some short term cash by helping businesses sell vouchers for future services. YOu might want to join that. But also through that we have access to 1500+ fellow hospo owners who are in similar situations. I will encourage them to join Manaaki and connect with you, and each other, to share their wisdom at this tough time. We can’t predict the future, but I do wonder if there is a way for hospo businesses to think about pooling costs (management, accounting, marketing), and potentially equipment and manufacturing capacity to help get back on their feet. Mergers / co-working arrangements in the hospo world?