Reply To: Advice on finding distribution partners during lockdown.We offer a SaaS product in the Health & Safety space that essentially digitises the delivery of a companies H&S programme. So offers features such as signing in and out of workplaces (and helping to ensure compliance), live incident reporting, hazard register, notifications, etc.Part of the feature set allows the user to ask customised H&S related questions to a person (staff, visitor or contractor) during signin, we’ve noticed some customers have used this feature to ask hygiene related questions as well (example, ensuring they are aware of hygiene protocols/etiquette, etc). We have a range of customers from small to large across a few industries now. Long story short, given the current situation and likelihood that we are moving into a different business climate post lockdown (and the fact that we think the product itself is offering some real value to customers in terms of ensuring H&S is top of mind and adhered to in a way that can be evidenced) we’d really like to distribute this to some of the smaller operators so they can have the benefit without the hefty price tag that often comes with this kind of software. We’ve adjusted our subscription pricing on our website and will be reducing setup costs to make it more cost-effective for smaller operators because we just want people using it.Now to the point, given that part of our focus will be to cater to the smaller operator, what advice would anyone have around finding distribution partners with the same audience but offering a different or complimentary product/service? Reaching out to more H&S consultants (and providing incentives) is a ‘to do’ and getting in front of certain industry groups is another, but all a bit tricky in lockdown. All thoughts welcomed and apologies for the novel.

Matt, feel free to reach out to me at patrick@itrak.nz directly if you have any thoughts or questions. Thanks and stay safe!