Reply To: Hi there, thank you for this opportunity. I own bespoke fine jewellery brand Layla Kaisi Collection and one of my big goals for 2020 is to be featured on NZTV on shows such as Breakfast, Seven Sharp or The Project. Since Covid, a lot of our work and marketing has needed to come to a complete hault, but we are determined to not let this time slow us down. I would love to know what process do I need to go through to make this PR feature happen for my brand? I feel I have a real story that a lot of people could resonate with, and be inspired by, given I started this brand from scratch at age 23, 2 years ago. My small team and I are now working with international clients, growing rapidly with innovative jewellery design in a vastly traditional industry. I would love some advice on how to achieve this goal and who I am best to get in touch with if possible. Kindest regards, Layla Kaisi 

Hi Layla, if your objective is simply to get some PR exposure on TV I am sure the TV producers are looking for positive NZ content right now. You should reach out to the producers of shows you’ve mentioned with a synopsis of your success story and see if they will support you with a short segment. To leverage this make sure you are setup with eComm back end so you can start to convert any interest into potential sales or sales leads. If you need some support on this visit the Udemy website that will provide you with excellent eCommerce training to leverage the PR you generate. Good luck and stick with it. New businesses are not easy (especially now) but having some clientele international will certainly help you.