Reply To: Firstly, thank you so much for your help here. I run a small shared studio space. We have 25 desks, and over 1/2 of our tenants have pulled out (all small businesses, 1-4 people) as they are each facing financial hardship. I expect more will follow.My landlord has not yet offered any form of rent holiday, even after a skype session & emails requesting that he assist in keeping our business alive. What would you suggest is the next best means of escalating this issue, and raising the fact that without his support we will soon be in a position where we have to vacate the lease (still 3 years left on our current lease agreement). Thanks,

Same problem here (although only a year before right of renewal on our lease). I too am keeping copies of communication and last email was assuring them I would pay April’s rent but that we needed to have a conversation about clause 27.5 before May’s rent was due. I haven’t had a reply as yet.

I have shared this email from a coworking space in the US with the same problem as us. It gives a pretty good outline of what may be useful to write. https://dangerouslyawesome.com/2020/04/landlord-covid19

Hope it helps.