Reply To: Hey there, first of all thank you for your service on these hard times.Before this lockdown i was planning on starting a clothing line business and didnt know how to.I want want to know if there’s a better way that i could launch my business during or after this crisis. I’m definitely willing to put in the work and learn to get my business up and going. However, im in need of a mentor or guidance from someone who’s done and been through it before and is willing to advise me some insight on how i can provide value to start and grow my business.

Morena Bill – it is our pleasure, we are lucky that we have an amazing community of advisors, and that people like you are asking for input and guidance. You are 100% right on looking for people who have been there, done that before – as hopefully you can learn from what they did which will help you avoid some slip ups and be strong and we hope successful. I would think about who in your community do you know or could ask for intro’s who could be that guide. In times like this there are many business owners or past business owners who are prepared to give back, give some guidance.

There are also a bunch of resources you can find online about starting your business and the steps to take that forward – free resources. The biggest challenge with starting a business is assuming you will sell your product – the number one failure is failing to find customers who will buy your product – so think about ‘how’ you can find the sweet spot customer in your market, and what you can do to test your thinking/assumptions around what they like and what they would buy from you – be clear also on your differentiation veruss others – many people will tell you that clothing is super hard to make money, so be clear that you can win and you know what to do to win! Good luck, god speed. Andy