Reply To: We are an Adventure Aviation company offering Hot Air Balloon flights to the public. The company closed down in 2016 due to lack of investment. I was a pilot for the company prior to 2010 when the company was thriving. I was also running our own company which was a similar operation in the UK. The original company owner pre 2010 contacted me to look at a re-launch. I have invested $200,000.00 of my own money on new equipment and was just about to start operations before Covid-19, We will operate from Methven, Canterbury which is near Mt Hutt ski area and was hoping to tap into the ski visitors. Can you offer any advice?

Hi Mr Church,

It’s great you are looking at ways to continue what you started.
We won’t be in lockdown for ever and things will pick up slowly. The domestic market will be your customer for quite some time, so now’s a great time to explore new opportunities and do some market research. It could be around weekends away including a hot air ballon experience, or tapping into the wedding market for engagements, wedding entrance & photo opportunities, Corporate and incentive groups, and scenic flights etc. There is talk of NZ developing a travel bubble with Aussy which is very promising.
Kiwi’s will be looking for things to do within NZ and it sounds like you have a fabulous experience waiting to be enjoyed.
Another things to think about is your customer experience. There’s always ways to improve your customer experience from start to finish and nows a great time to reflect on that.
I would agree with Andy’s advice to create awareness and find ways to engage but keep funds up your sleeve for when you can operate again.
Strip costs back to a minimum, have all your compliance and ducks in a row and some gas in the tank for when the time is right.

Good Luck – we will get through this and come out the other side!!