Reply To: My husband and i were just about to start a business which would in turn sprout many other small businesses, using agritech. We both own our own businesses and we were going to bootstrap it out of profit/drawings, but now both our revenues are much less certain and its too risky. We would still like to do it and it is just what is needed right now. But it would take 6 months to a year to get revenue in so payments for a loan would be tough. Keep mulling it over but can’t see a way to make it work… open to ideas. 

Thanks. I am the original author of the question. It is a vertical farming business within a shipping container. My husband is an electrician so we want to build a plug and play indoor farm that uses the absolute minimum of electricity and is partly self powered. For leafy greens or medicinal cannabis growth. We need about $30K to build the first one. I want to create something so people can buy a ready to go business, complete with SOPs etc. I say ‘about’ because I had priced it very carefully and then the world changed! Thanks for the tips.