Reply To: Hi as a business that is growing their audience in preparation for lockdown to be lifted (was supposed to start April 2020) what can you recommend for businesses that require body work/touch? i.e. Acupuncture, cupping, acupressure, ACC. (unfortunately we are not funded at this time by ACC for telehealth consults)… What’s the best way one can stay useful via social?Besides self-care tips can you recommend anything else to focus content on? Thank you 🙂

Hi there, I would think about community. How might you connect your potential and actual customer to content, ideas through communities that your customers are likely to share similar interests. Have a look at “vegans of LA” on facebook – that’s all about communities of people who share common interests in food, sustainability, yoga, health and wellness. You can add value to your customers not only through your own content but by being relevant and interesting to them through other connections. And, while in this lockdown period, continue to progress the ACC accreditation. Good luck