Reply To: HiWe were about to start development work on a property we have in Hamilton to demolish the existing house and build two new houses in a duplex situation.  The existing house is untenanted and substandard and would require a lot of money spent on it to bring it to compliance.  Our preference would be to demolish this and build two new fully compliant duplex unitsTo fund this build from the bank we would need to have a confirmed sale on one of the units.In the current market this is not an option as we dont know what effect Covid 19 will have on house prices but it will probably be down and this could be significantSo this idea is no longer a good short term plan (it was pre covid) but is still a good long term plan as Hamilton has a shortage of good housingIt will also employ our own staff and a contract builder.Would the government help with funding a project like this?

You could contact http://www.communityhousing.org.nz/our-place/social-housing-reform-programme/funding-social-and-affordable-housing.
There are also some good developers in Hamilton who you could approach and see what their advice would be…