Reply To: We have a cafe at the mall and we wont be even allowed to open in level3 alert, so basically close for about 5 weeks at least. The mall is asking us to pay the rent as usual, which I think its really unfair. What can we do and what factor plays part in getting a ‘fair’ amount of rent which is affordable for us to pay. The rent is more than 11k per month. Even half it will be really hard to pay. plus even when the level gone down to 2, we don’t know whether people are still going to be still cautious and may not go to cafe etc.  Most our customers are 70+ age group as well.  We have used all our saving (since our business not really making any money lately) and now living on my wife salary. There is no fix rental rules about this. Thank you

Hi, we are a NZ business that may be able to help. We have digital ordering solutions for hospitality businesses via websites and Apps. We’ve created a small offer to get businesses online fast for $39 per month + 3%. https://mobi2go.com/fast-tracked-digital-ordering.

Under level 3 you can do contactless delivery or curbside pick up. Get in touch if we can help you!