Reply To: I appreciate the tautoko here so much. Thank you.I’m anxious at the moment. I started this small biz and am working on building awareness about my brand and marketing some new products.  I’m new at this though.  I’m worried about whether I’m making the right decisions about where to invest my time and money to help my business grow in a sustainable way.  And that matters.  It really matters.  I can’t waste either of those things now. I watch similar businesses going real hard on marketing and being creative with how essential they are. No hate to them – we’ve all got bills and families. But it’s exacerbating that feeling of being behind the 8-ball, being left behind.  If I had more clarity on the best way forward for my business that would dampen the crazy noise which tbh is mostly someone yelling f***k, f**k, f**k in my head and running from action to action like a lunatic. Even having an updated strat and plan doesn’t help cos I wrote them.So I guess my question is, how can I find a mentor or people who can eyeball what I do, how I do it and what I think is a good strategy for growing my biz and tell me whether I’m on a good track or not?


Kia ora Lisa

Look at you go! You are doing heaps. It could be worth taking a step back each day and reflecting on what worked well, what didn’t and pat yourself on the back.

Can you set up some feedback loops? So each new thing you try – you track whether the market has responded and whether it is worth carrying on or tweaking. e.g. if you post about the gift boxes, what was the reaction like on Insta?

As long as your strategy is responsive to the market, you will be able to tack the ship as you go.

The gift boxes sound like a good thing to focus on right now. I have a few birthdays to acknowledge so I would love a link to see where I can support you.

Perhaps you could start looking at generating orders for the boxes now. Then you know how much you need to hustle once we go to Level 3.

I hope that is helpful.

Keep going.

Ngā mihi