Reply To: I am in my second year of running a small boutique home stay/ bed and breakfast in Gibbston, Queenstown, mainly overseas customers. It will be a while before I can start operating again as this is also my home.  In the meantime I need help to market  to NZ, look at what I am offering and see if it can be adapted / changed. I have a website but my social media isn’t great. Most bookings have come through booking.com  with some direct from my website pipsorchard.co.nz   I feel there are lots of opportunities here, it’s just where to start and how to start working with other organisations here to leverage off each other. Plus financially as with everyone, funds are limited. Kindest Pip 

Pip, it’s certainly a very challenging time for tourism in the Queenstown area, and not likely to rebound quickly unfortunately. So, it’s really good you are being proactive and thinking about your next steps. Given it’s a domestic market for quite some time, suggest you ensure your product is distributed as widely as possible on all the various listing sites and channels to maximise your reach. In terms of your existing guest database, if there are some domestic guests amongst the mix, good to reach out to them when we the country starts to have more travel movement. Have a look at your pricing to ensure it’s competitive, as prices may need to be lowered to reflect the lower demand. If you want to build up your own direct bookings, then having the website with direct bookings is great. You’ll need to increase the visibility of the site, and can do so with good content with related key words. Coming up with an SEO strategy is something we can give more support on, if this is the direction you want to go. Suggest you also reach out to Destination Queenstown as their plans develop to see how you can participate in any marketing activity they may be doing.

The other option to consider is long term rentals, as an alternative to short term.

Well done on being so proactive.