Reply To: Hi there, thank you for this opportunity. I own bespoke fine jewellery brand Layla Kaisi Collection and one of my big goals for 2020 is to be featured on NZTV on shows such as Breakfast, Seven Sharp or The Project. Since Covid, a lot of our work and marketing has needed to come to a complete hault, but we are determined to not let this time slow us down. I would love to know what process do I need to go through to make this PR feature happen for my brand? I feel I have a real story that a lot of people could resonate with, and be inspired by, given I started this brand from scratch at age 23, 2 years ago. My small team and I are now working with international clients, growing rapidly with innovative jewellery design in a vastly traditional industry. I would love some advice on how to achieve this goal and who I am best to get in touch with if possible. Kindest regards, Layla Kaisi 

Hi Layla

What beautiful jewellery! It looks like you have already had some press but as a publicist I can help with a few tips.

Firstly, I just want to ask, why is TV the goal? It feels like it is a tactic, when the goal may be something else. Get really clear on that – e.g. is it sales? Because that will help frame the story.

When pitching to media it’s worth remembering that every story they run adheres to news values. There are 7 key ones. When you are writing your pitch, ask yourself, which of these news values am I hitting?

– Proximity
Events are more newsworthy the closer they are to the community reading about them. – E.g. Kiwi girl does good – although we need a bit more than this for T.V.
– Impact
Events are more newsworthy when they affect a greater number of people. e.g. your business hits a milestone of X units
– Prominence
Events are more newsworthy when they involve public figures. (E.g. say you got your rings on Kate Middleton or a Kardashian…that would be news)
– Oddity
Events are more newsworthy the more out of the ordinary they are. E.g. if you create a piece of jewellery using a very rare material or technique.
– Relevance
Events are more newsworthy when they involve an issue that is top of mind in the public…e.g. maybe you create a piece in honor of the pandemic, with some proceeds going to charity
Events are more newsworthy when they involve disagreement. (We probably wouldn’t go for this one for you!)

If you want to draft a few angles and flick them to me, I’d be happy to review them before you send them off and give you a few more tips.

Ngā mihi