Reply To: Hi there, We have a video production company who work with Corporate clients (internal/external communications, some are essential services), we were planning to operate ‘safely’ under level 3.  Our cameraman would be the only person meeting ‘safely’ with clients, the rest of the team would still be working remotely.We have a clear H&S plan to enable this, and can remain at least 2m away from clients at all times (not using ‘lapel mics’ etc).  But we’re struggling to find info on the MIBE website as to whether we are actually allowed to operate.  Thoughts?

Hi – we’d be a bit foolish to try to second guess the MBIE response on this; they have a reasonably efficient queue system. I’d personally question f video production is essential, even if your clients are, sorry.
From the MBIE website:
If you have specific queries about whether your business is an essential service, you can email essential@mbie.govt.nz.