Reply To: Hi there, we are a very new start up recently gone live in a pandemic (not the plan). We are running on the smell of an oily rag, have pretty much 0 brand awareness and need sales to justify more spend on growing awareness via marketing. We are a kids, fun online financial literacy course and are leveraging the new ‘home learning’ message via social as well as reaching out to people/parenting sites offering free course access to get exposure, we are doing some paid social advertising and written a blog article/posted on FB with ideas on how to start talking about money as a family in an attempt to build the brand in a helpful/conversational way. Given many families are feeling the financial pinch and tightening their belts, now is a great time for kids to understand & appreciate the value of money & develop positive money habits and behaviours for the future – how do we best leverage all of this without a) looking like we are trying to make a quick buck in very uncertain times for families and b) how much $$ to invest on brand building without the prospect of sales immediately??  Cheers

It’s a great concept and Vicky and James’ comments are spot on. I think cut-through will be really important as parents are being bombarded with so many options now and it can be overwhelming. If you could turn some of your blogs or content into short videos these would work really well for social marketing. This could then open up an option to see if you can link in with Amped (new show on TV3) or the new TV2 channel for kids focussed on education. I’m sure they’d love some variety in the type of content they’re delivering.