Reply To: Hi, I’ve had a business concept for an online school/base camp to create taylor made programmes for schools, that would be streamed into global classrooms, centred around the health curriculum (wellbeing, behaviour, confidence)After trying to create it, with many dead ends I put in on the shelf for the last few years, waiting to see when the world was ready, and the opportunity might arise – perfect timing thing. Hey is this it?? The educational sector has just completely changed.  My question is since everyone is suddenly online and now accessible.  How do I find a group or forum of people that might be interested in collaborating to build a business? Or existing companies looking to create new opportunities together. I have the product, and it meets the needs of my clients, but it’s at the start-up stage.  How can I quickly create a start-up in this environment?   Kaz

Cool idea, I would agree with @bee_stevenson – find one school, and get a pilot underway. That would be your fastest method to both find a potential trail ‘customer’, get end-user feedback (students) and shake out the various collaborators you will need to make something work. By focusing on something as clear as a pilot with one partner, all the small things and partners you need will become clear to you just by going through the process and you can hunt them down as you go.