Reply To: We are an Adventure Aviation company offering Hot Air Balloon flights to the public. The company closed down in 2016 due to lack of investment. I was a pilot for the company prior to 2010 when the company was thriving. I was also running our own company which was a similar operation in the UK. The original company owner pre 2010 contacted me to look at a re-launch. I have invested $200,000.00 of my own money on new equipment and was just about to start operations before Covid-19, We will operate from Methven, Canterbury which is near Mt Hutt ski area and was hoping to tap into the ski visitors. Can you offer any advice?

Saw a great initiative in the Farore Islands where tourists could control a virtual guide walking around the island from the comfort of their armchair. Something quite different which might be able to be adapted to your ballooning. Loved the Hot Air Balooning I did in Turkey a few years back and I am sure your customers will enjoy when things get better.