Reply To: Hi there, we own a small takeaways in a small town. Do you know if a business can take eftpos payments if they’re doing it in a safe manner ie contactless shield between customer and business and sanitizing between every customer. Obviously they’re not allowed inside the shop but the customer could phone through the order then walk up to the shop front to pick up with a number system so they know when its ready.So many businesses couldn’t implement a system for taking payments online and I’m assuming the likes of McDonalds etc will be taking eft through drive through. Also so many people in our town wouldn’t be savvy with online payments or apps.Thanks in advancešŸ˜

A couple more options for you – https://eatlocalnz.com/ is a new initiative that is getting some traction and https://mobi2go.com/ and just be aware of the payment fees that are in and around this as you work through your options – some good guidance here – https://www.manaaki.io/forums/topic/hi-there-im-getting-into-contactless-pick-up-for-my-customers-and-want-to-flip-into-a-new-payment-gateway-for-doing-this-and-as-part-of-this-im-a-bit-confused-about-the-different-paymen/ – good luck