Reply To: I have my own consulting business which I have been full time with for 5 months offering services in design, project management, research and innovation. Things have been going well until COVID-19.As work has tried up, I am now looking to pivot a bit and get some business ideas I have off the ground. I need help with networking, finding any funding and grants as well as mentoring.


Hi Andy, thanks so much for your advice. Yes I am on Linkedin, and I can definitely do better in this area. It is an area I am going to be focusing on. Are there any organisations that you know of, that I should be getting in contact with directly to broaden my network? Thanks for the advice on my start up. I have done a lot of this type of research and validation before. I have found a pain point and I will be following this up with more research to validate this. Thanks for the book recomendations too! I will follow up your advice on how to get a business mentor as well. You and the team at Manaaki are doing some great work, I really respect and appreciate what you are doing! Cheers!