Reply To: Hi team,Having some time to think over the last few weeks I have found a solution that I feel has value and a place in the market. I’m not an entrepreneur or innovator so my questions would be around developing an idea with no experience.What steps do you take when you have an idea but do not have the skills to develop it, the capital to invest or a network that is relevant to the concept. How do you protect your idea while trying to find the right people to work with?I would appreciate any advice, I feel that under our current circumstances, many people have the same challenge. They have ideas but don’t know how to make it happen. Cheers

Hi Damon,

Andy’s response offers a great framework to use in moving from idea phase to the market validation of the feasibility plan. However, if you find it daunting at this time or if you are unsure on how to proceed once you’ve tried solving the first chunk(s), I suggest you describe your idea in generic terms (without giving it away) here and any specific questions that you have as you move through the process and we can comment on that progress as well and offer guidance on concrete steps.

Hope this helps.
Good luck with the exploration.