Reply To: Head Held High is an Auckland based speech and drama company. We were teaching over 700 students each week in 17 Auckland schools and venues. We are committed to building the confidence, communication skills and creativity of young New Zealanders. Our lessons occur once a week, are small group tuition and are for primary, intermediate and secondary school students. It is an extra curricular activity that can occur during school or after school time and parents pay for this. Since Covid we have pivoted our business to teach our students online via Zoom. Our teaching team are incredible and the online lessons have been a huge success. We have an opportunity to market our online lessons nationwide, which is super exciting for us. We would love some help with how to use paid social media to create adverts and generate more leads.  We’ve created an advert to go into school newsletters nationwide so we are onto that but would like to support this with social media marketing and don’t know how to best go about this. Thank you so much!!!www.headheldhigh.co.nz

Hey there. Love this and congratulations firstly! This is so cool what you’ve done and how you’ve pivoted to digital delivery. High-fives to you and your team.

We created https://afterclass.live to help promote experiences like this and to make sure parents & educators had the best experience whilst connecting and collaborating remotely.

Afterclass was built using our https://pave.world platform that has been designed for social learning & helping providers such as yourself scale your impact & education. We have seen some providers over the last couple of weeks who have scaled too quickly without having solid systems & processes in place and the outcome wasn’t good. Loss of trust from clients/customers & a negative brand impact.

Would love to chat further and see where we can help!