Reply To: HELP !!! – Hi there, my brother owns a small cafe on the North Shore, and due to this COVID-19 lockdown, he has been closed since the the lockdown began. Even though he is trying to reopen tomorrow and conduct his business in a way with minimal contact as per government guidelines, he is still going to struggle, as he main income, comes from the local businesses around him, in other words his regulars. Can someone help me find a way for him to try and get his business back up and running. I know there are uber eats and other delivery companies, I don’t know how much the charge or what is involved, however in my mind, this may be his only way to prevent foreclosing. He hasn’t been able to pay his rent for April 2020, and I sincerely doubt he has the funds at this stage to pay for May 2020. We desperately need help as our whole family lives from this business. Closing for a month has depleted our savings and we don’t know what we can do to get this business up and running again properly. 

As the saying goes… when the going gets tough get going…however as per the advice from Bee don’t rush opening the doors until you are comfortable as to what your new customer base now looks like. do some research and be brutally honest with yourself about the potential scenarios. So be SMART!

There are lots of solutions around taking orders and I’m sure there are many people prepared to help deliver right now too… but you need to ensure it’s been managed safely within the Covid19 guidelines. If you want a quick chat happy to take a call as I’m dealing with a number of mates in Hospo right now all facing the same situation – as opening brings cost as much as revenue so partnering with your staff, landlord on a strategy is good first step!