Reply To: Is now a good time time to rebrand? We currently dont have any social media presence or advertise at all (waiting on rebrand) but now with Covid-19 worried that its not the right time. Can you provide please provide any insight on launching a new brand and advertising within current climate and what approach and tone should we take when many business/people are in a bad way. We are a telco in the SME space. Many thanks.

The only time better than today is yesterday!

When you say waiting on a rebrand I’m not sure what you mean…but there are a lot of low cost alternatives such as Fiverr or even better support one of the other graphic design businesses posting on Manaaki.oi and be part of stimulating the economy as a community. Ensure you are clear on the customer proposition and the problem you are trying to solve. Lots of other good posts under brand and marketing about processes for arriving at that clarity.

Why advertise now? More eyeballs than ever on social and digital media, and lots of companies looking for solutions. In the current environment, what problem can you solve? Good luck.