Reply To: Is now a good time time to rebrand? We currently dont have any social media presence or advertise at all (waiting on rebrand) but now with Covid-19 worried that its not the right time. Can you provide please provide any insight on launching a new brand and advertising within current climate and what approach and tone should we take when many business/people are in a bad way. We are a telco in the SME space. Many thanks.


Some great advice. It would be really helpful to know a bit more about your business and your objectives. What are you trying to achieve with your brand? How much brand recognition do you have in your existing brand? How much organic ranking do you have on Google with your existing brand? Is your re-brand extend through to a name change? Or is it just about changing the look and feel of the brand? Why do you think there is benefit in changing?

When you say, launch a new brand, it sounds like you are thinking about a name change? If you already have good organic search traffic, you will likely lose traffic for some time until you rebuild it with the new name. Can your business cope with being searchable in the current environment?

Perhaps let us know a bit more and we can provide further thoughts.