Reply To: Hi,We have a Motel in the beautiful town of Whitianga right on the beach front. As you can imagine we have been hit really hard from the result of Covid19. April we are down 75% and as it stands with May and June currently we will be down 100%.  With a loss of around $50k over that period. Never mind beyond that. I guess we are in limbo with how and when things might change. We have a lease where our landlord is not interested in any help to date. We have emailed with no response. We are going into our 3rd year of our 30 year lease. We have recently updated our website. We have been keeping active online. We know others are really struggling too but with little to no turnover or income realistically how long can we continue for? 30% of guests are overseas travelers and our NZ guests cant travel. Yet. Will the NZ travelers pick up some slack? We had a really good business 5 Weeks ago and boom gone. Do we have any rights with our landlord?Should we expect the NZ Market to pick up?Really worried.Cheers Guys


Hi, what a tough position you are in and is sounds like you are doing the obvious stuff like staying active on line and on social.
A couple of thoughts from me
– keep close to your RTO Destination Coromandel as I am sure they will have a plan to target Aucklanders and domestic as soon as people can travel which may only be 2 weeks away now.
– I think there will be some pent up demand to get away foo a break especially as we have had two long weekends knocked out while we were in lock down
– it is hard to pick the domestic market that everyone is relying on.. there will definitely be some who have lost their jobs or are felling poor, but there will also be many who have come out of this unscathed who still want to travel and get away for a break, and those who might have gone overseas during winter who will still wan tto go somewhere.
– you guys are a short drive from Auckland and will be seen as a close and relatively affordable destination to escape to, especially while we cant travel overseas either
– You may need to adjust pricing to remain competitive and offer value, this may not mean dropping your price but adding something in that creates more value, a bottle of wine, or a discount on stays over 3 nights for example
– could you collaborate with others, maybe an attraction, mountain bike rental, fishing charter company and bundle a package that it promoted on social media, run a competition maybe to create awareness,
https://www.facebook.com/groups/647725352678015/?ref=bookmarks this is a tourism industry FB page you can join, there are over 900 members all posting suggestions and articles to help each other out.

There might be someone on here who can assist with your landlord question from a legal point of view..
I do hope things pick up for you once we can see a path to level 2 and below, stay strong and best of luck.