Reply To: Malo – I have run my own training and professional development company for a year now and my business is mainly feed by clients accessing govt funded hours, the traditional way of “doing” this is travelling up and down the country with face to face coaching and sessions.  The ultimate is to have a strong and credible on-line presence with great content so I don’t have to always “turn up and be engaging” could you recommend courses or methods to help me move my business from face to face to click and collect.  There are so many choices, bluesky strategy talkers and advice givers, I have even enrolled in some to experience these, but never feel I know where to start….I want a mentor(s) that can step me through stages and support me to make decisions.  Fa’afetai lava in advance for your advice.


Good morning 🙂

Getting a mentor is a great idea.

You can get one from Business Mentors New Zealand for a minimal fee or you could select someone you think would be a great fit and contact them directly – in my experience people usually want to help.

Online content and building up your brand is critical at any time (moreso now than ever). Undertaking keyword research and writing, long form, in-depth content is best. A great exampole of this is Simon Mundell from Advisory Works who has released excellent content during Covid-19.

Using Zoom and other video conference platforms is perfectly acceptable at this time for coaching sessions.