Reply To: We recently launched squeezetheday.co.nz – a fun online financial literacy platform/course for kids aged 10-13 years old. Launching in a pandemic wasn’t the plan but if you’d like to know more about how you could offer this course to staff/customers etc with tweens, perhaps it could make for a great educational layer to your existing financial product or you’ve got marketing & sales ideas that will help raise brand awareness on a very tight budget then please get in touch. Or just go check us out – we’d be so appreciative of the visit! We offer a free trial as well – the first 5 lessons of 27 are free. This is such a great platform so a massive thank you for the shared ideas, advice, inspiration and sense of opportunity we should all hold onto!! 


I’d be interested in having a chat with my Debtfix hat on – shaun@debtfix.co.nz

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