Reply To: Hello Manaaki team! I’ve a children’s hairdressing business located in day nurseries. We are closed due to Covid19. I can show parents how to maintain their children’s hair safely, whilst in lock down. I keep seeing horror stories online! Also I can train regular hair stylists whilst we are in lock down, then offer them to work for TotsCrops brand when we are allowed to go back to work. How do I make myself heard on line? Any advice to be so appreciated. Peace & Love Debbie 


Hi Debbie,
it’s a really tough position to be in at this time. But you have unearthed an issue which will be affecting most households up and down NZ.
One solution is to shoot a few short (60 – 90 sec) hairdressing tutorials on a variety of topics, and to create usable hacks for parents struggling with this problem.
This could be done cost-effectively. You could shoot them on your phone and post them online to Facebook / Instagram.
Do you have a database of your current clients? If so, this is another avenue to explore and share these clips.
NZhairdressing.org.nz is the national body – perhaps get in contact with them and ask how they could help support your message.
Wish you all the best.

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