Reply To: Hi there – it was great to get the wage subsidy, so appreciated. Now things are changing in my business every day, including the people I have in my team, so I am just worried about how I stay compliant with the subsidy conditions – what should I do for example if one of the team leaves during the period of the subsidy or I am considering redundancies before the time expires? 


Hi there,

If you no longer meet the criteria for the subsidy (where you have estimated your turnover will be down by 30% but this has not occurred), and or no longer using the subsidy to retain and pay your employees then you will need to repay the unused portion of the wage subsidy. This would be a change in circumstance impacting on the eligibility for the subsidy and therefore need to repay.

You can email COVID19subsidy_overpayment@msd.govt.nz to disclose any overpayment.
You will need to include the following information in your email:
Business name
IRD number
New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), if you have one
Phone number
Email address
Postal address.
And advise the amount overpaid and the reason

Kia Kaha