Reply To: Is now a good time time to rebrand? We currently dont have any social media presence or advertise at all (waiting on rebrand) but now with Covid-19 worried that its not the right time. Can you provide please provide any insight on launching a new brand and advertising within current climate and what approach and tone should we take when many business/people are in a bad way. We are a telco in the SME space. Many thanks.


We have the logo, identity values etc ready. Its just about commiting to the last push and telling people about us. There has been so much talk about tone, messaging and businesses not doing the hard sell in this environment that I was concerned about our timing and didnt want to be tone deaf to those in bad shape. We have NO organic traffic at all but have managed to build a business in 3 years with over 1m rev as of 31 March 2020 with nothing but word of mouth/referrals.

Thanks for the replies. Its given me the confidence to move ahead (and get a real marketer to help build a solid plan)