Reply To: How to reach the New Zealand Market and sway them to the option of going on a value-added guided walking experience rather than the cheap option of going un-guided.


Kia Ora, TGW – Great question. Your target customers will be the best place to get the insights on how to engage other consumers in your new value-added guided walking experience. Without knowing much about the walking experience or the location, can you reach out to potential customers through a Google Survey or a Zoom focus group? Can you speak to other guided walking experiences in the industry to learn from how they have achieved this, for example Ultimate Hikes with their guided experiences in Milford Track? Ultimately, you have to offer a point of difference that the consumer couldn’t get from going on their own. Your point of difference may appeal to a certain target market, such as new to NZ, or those that live in a different part of NZ, or those that want more detailed educational learning about the places they are visiting. Best wishes, sounds like a lot of potential.