Reply To: HelloI own commercial property.  One of my tenants has clause 27.5. They told me they were paying nothing, then told me they would pay 50% and weren’t negotiating.They are back in the building, operating as of the 28th and have told me that they will only pay 75% during level 3.If they have full access to he building then how can they expect to only pay 75%?  Does clause 27.5 allow for this?  If it dosent are they I. Breach of their lease and I can go down that route?Thanks


Thanks. It’s an early childhood centre which is therefore receiving full ministry funding and they have pandemic insurance. And I own and operate childcare centres. So I’m ready to move in. They are in, they are operating, they have full income via finding & insurance. By not paying us he in breach, can I issue a remedy notice and if not corrected, evict? Thanks