Reply To: I am an acupuncturist and have not been able to return to work yet. Do you think I should be pencilling people in for appointments from 12th May, assuming that we will go to alert level 2? Do you think we will need to wear masks in our clinics under alert level 2? Staff and clients? If so, where can we get them from, as suppliers still seem to be completely sold out. Do you think locally-made fabric masks might be sufficient? So many questions! I’d really applreciate some answers if anyone knows anything.


Hi Angela,
I think this is a question of risk you’re willing to take as a team. Maybe these questions would be good posed to your team to determine whether they are willing to return to work under level 2 and what the best steps you all feel you can take to reduce risk. I think it’s widely debated about the effectiveness of masks, and, your occupation is so physically close to patients it’s as close to medical operators as you can get and I’m sure you’ve seen how extensive their precautions are.

Masks or not, it may be that you want to consider pre questioning clients, exploring if you take all clients or just certain cases, where you work and where clients go/touch etc, how you secure yourself and others to your best ability.

I’d talk to medical people about your masks and supplies question, but I’d also talk to your team to see how they want to operate if you return to work at level 2. I can totally understand your concerns here but there is no right answer to your question I don’t think but a leadership decision around risk and risk plans which is a broader question than just masks.


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