Reply To: Hi Experts, I run a small travel agency and have been in touch with you on this platform before (you are amazing!) I have just found out about the new loan scheme our govt is putting in place. This govt loan scheme would be extremely beneficial to me at this time, as I am struggling and have business expenses that have almost eaten up my personal funds now..As we know, travel is not going to pick up to capacity for some time. And, even when it does, I will be competing with the big dogs like Flight Centre & House of Travel, which despite my relationships with customers & my reputation – this will have an impact on the business I am gaining, as my buying power is minimal in comparison & as we know, as times like this.. price is key. So, therefore, I have started looking at doing some study to further educate myself whilst running the business to the best of my ability with the enquiries I do have / will have slowly coming in over time.. My question is though, am I entitled to this loan for my business, whilst I am also looking at getting a student loan to fund my way through education? Or in a reactive context, will I still be eligible for a student loan, if I have opted to apply for this govt loan and then I am approved?As I mentioned, I could really utilise this loan option to keep my business alive, but at the same time, I don’t want to hurt myself if this will affect getting a student loan or vice versa. I so look forward to hearing from you. Best, Soleil. 


I haven’t gone deep into the loan criteria and terms…..so my question would be: what are you planning to study? And to what ends? I have a strong aversion to the MBA for example, I think its an outmoded piece of education that costs too much, takes too long and theres many other options out there. Rant over.
What about the range of MOOC’s? Cheap/Free. Or some very specific online courses that apply to the type of business you run now/or in future. There’s a bunch of great social/digital courses around for example that will lead to better online reach and sales. http://www.theoptimal.net is one of many.