Reply To: How can I attract clients to book in for Makeup services after lockdown? 


Epic advice from Kirsty. I would just add that there are things you could be doing right now to service your clientele if you aren’t already. I have always wanted to learn how to do my own makeup from a pro but have never had (or made) the time – and now would be a great time to book in for a tutorial. How to get makeup right for Zoom etc.
Do you also sell product? If not, it could be good to look into this. Mother’s Day coming up, could be a great gift.
If you usually sell makeup services for special occasions I would do your research as Kirsty says, around the way your clientele will be needing your services in the future. Conducting a survey is a great time to check in with existing or prospective customers and build that relationship in an authentic way.
Best wishes

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