Reply To: Hi,I have started an online business with Shopify/Shopyempires D7FINE.comAs we were on a roll of setting up the website covid 19 enters the scene and puts a hold on the operational progress. I am currently seeking guidance on how to complete the online store and start marketing to our audience. Any advise from professionals or mentors that have experience in the eCommerce world is more then welcome to add valuable information. Kind regards Fox – email foxluteru@gmail.com  


Hi Fox,

Good luck with the new business.

From an SEO perspective you should do some keyword research (here is a great guide how to do it: https://backlinko.com/keyword-research)
You should make sure you complete your Meta Title and Description tags on each page Meta Data Guide

You should look at incorporating a content strategy on your website based around the keywoird research (look for quality over quantity). Get yourself listed with local directories (Yellow, Neighbourly etc), join local business Facebook groups etc.

When the lockdown is over I will give you a copy of my book which details how to do SEO yourself in NZ (if you can piuck it up from Northcote), otherwise you can get it online at any major bookshop.

Hope this helps.


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