Reply To: How can I attract clients to book in for Makeup services after lockdown? 


Hi there. I’d suggest you think about a few things;

1. What are your customers EMOTIONAL NEEDS, that would trigger them to ‘want’ a make-over post Lock-down? Maybe you know your customers quite well; what personal circumstances might you be able to connect with them on? EG birthdays, post-lockdown friend reunions, husbands / boyfriends buying gifts for wives to make them feel better about ‘returning to normal’! The more you can connect with your customers – as smaller groups – based on what you know about them, the more likely you are to convert interest to bookings.

2. What can you OFFER them now? Is there someway you can connect with them now, whilst you are in lock-down, that will keep you front and mind, present with them, and connected to their lives? Such as free tutorials, links to articles, find products online they might want to buy? Stay connected and communicating with your customers and they will remember you / appreciate this once they are able to re-book.

3. Consider ALTERNATIVES to your core business. Recognising that people will be short of $ for the next 12 months and possibly looking for ‘short-cuts’ to still look after their appearance, but maybe not paying full price. Can you do cut-down versions of your makeovers? Can you sell products directly? Can you room ‘make-over’ classes or group sessions? Can you partner with hair-salons to do bundled deals?

Our lives, sadly, may not return to ‘fully normal’ for some time. So plan for multiple eventualities to keep your business thriving.
Best wishes,